I’m a freelance writer, editor and speaker.

I grew up in New Jersey and earned a B.A in Economics from New York University. All throughout college into my senior year, I was laser-focused on taking over the music industry. I was one of the few South Asian women working at record labels and not in the finance department. That’s when I discovered I had limb-girdle muscular dystrophy and everything changed. I tried working in entertainment but couldn’t keep up with the physical demands that newbie required and spent several years working in fields I hated before coming to write.

Since then, I’ve lived in different cities in different countries and found new ways to pursue old interests. Writing has been the best way to connect with anyone anywhere. Aside from writing, I edit and create copy for websites along with teaching writing workshops. I’m the editor of aaj kal magazine for the American Women’s Club in Mumbai. Check out my full resume below.

I divide my time between Mumbai and New Jersey and make trips into New York City because I like being a visitor more than resident.

Reach out to me via e-mail (preferred) or social to connect!

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